Friday, March 25, 2005

"Are you contented with what you're doin right now?" quote from sgforums by Hydro (cont)

Look back on your life and reflect on the number of times you said to yourself or to others that you "would be happy if you had this, or that, or would be happy if this happened, or that happened".

Examples could be, you are supposed to be happy when you earn a higher salary, or when you buy a new car, or when your health improves, or when you finally find your life partner, the list goes on.

Now, did those things, assuming they really did happen, really make you happier? If yes, how much, and for how long?

Chances are, many times, the happiness faded after some time, you began to take those things for granted, and you started to search for something new to make you happy.

The problem is, this could go on for your whole life, and you will never really be happy, because there are just too many things to attain in this world.

Perhaps, by being content with and appreciative of what you have right now, you would be a lot happier with life.

Contentment doesn't necessarily have to compromise ambition and the desire to improve. You can still seek to better your life. But if you become too obsessed with it, you could find yourself running around in circles, losing touch with the present and forgetting to be happy.

Sometimes, the source of happiness could just be contentment

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