Thursday, July 07, 2005

No History , No Memory...

Hotel Rwanda...a movie about a genocide in africa year 1994.

Showing us that when war comes no one will save u except urself.

In 1 of the scene , where the whites are leaving the hotel ( which is a refugee camp ) , there's scene where it shows the dog sitting next to the whites staring at the blacks through the windows. This shows me that even animal are more precious than the human life when racism is over everything.

a scene where hundreds of bodies laying in the road...what will u do it u see that....??

i'm lucky to be born in malaysia with no wars and no disaster. but do i really appreciate what i have today ? Or i'm just trying to be kind and would said "Omg that's horrible" after watching the news of war , and continue eating my junks?

anything i could change ?.... a bite of myself ...a bite of my family....a bite of my country and a bite for my world my life and my future....

who knows what lies in front of us....who knows what will happen to our friends and who knows what and who will be there when these happen...

i don't know and i always don't wan to know and face it because of my cowardness or my laziness...maybe both...those are the things which change the whole world upside down...i might destroy ma own world before i create.

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