Thursday, September 07, 2006


Discuss something about what life is with my Buddhist friend. And I found out that they believe in cause and effect which is circulating around us. Is this what life is all about? Just going around the same way again and again but in a different kind of form? For Christianity, life is all about God not us. Still the religion itself is a different thing for Christian. Some believe that deeds is what we need to go to heaven. Some believe that faith is what we need to heaven. But I believe that none of this is important because God choose those to heaven and to hell, not us.

Emphasizing too much on a thing is not the purpose of God. Glorifying what God had created and God Himself is more important. We can see that different culture have different ways of glorifying God. They do believe in God, but the way they do it is different from Christians. So, are they doing the right thing, or we are doing the right thing? I believe that everyone of us know that, there's a God out there, but we deny it. Why is it so?

I notice that some people, tends to focus a lot on the same thing again and again without looking at the big picture. Besides that, they deny it for the sake of not to worry about it. Not able to argue with them, if they just deny it. I have this type of attitude before, and it makes me want to kill myself more than before. Why? It is because the denial of God, is the denial of life. Although not everyone will agree with me, but I will still stand on this side.

I pray that God will listen to every soul out there who is still doubting with the things they gonna do and go. My friends is having a lot of problems. Not one, but a bunch of them. Realising that they are my friend, I pray that I can do something to help them in terms of spiritual and psychologically. The more I live in this world, the more I know what I want. Thanks Lord for the process of knowing this.It have been a meaningful way of knowing what I wanted to do for the world.

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