Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Misinterpretation of a Sign.

Knowing that I have been interpreting some ones caring to something which is totally the opposite, it was a hard time for me. I never thought that this will be another kind of rejection that I will face it one day. Being rejected again and again won't do much of my faith towards finding the right one for me, but it definitely hurts me a lot.

I never knew that this kind of suffering is making my heart weak and straying away from God's word. I never knew that love can be this painful. Even though in my mind and heart, I pray that God will give me strength to let me face the whole process, it is still pain and unbearable for me and for my friend.

Another way of torturing one's heart and soul. This is cruel, but God has His own way of dealing with those hard time we are going through. God's have His plan in dealing with all sorts of problems in men and women relationship. At the beginning, God created Adam and Eve so that we can multiply and learn how to glorifying God in the good way. There's no way that an undeveloped relationship is gone grow without God in it.

After going through a few things that makes me weaker and doubting God's words, I pray that You will make my life a life that is to glorify You.

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