Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Day that I was Afraid. 2-15-2007

Damn It

The night of valentine day, 4 of us decide to camp in Templer Park in Rawang. Without any planning or conscious about the danger we might face, we reach there in less than 4 hours. During the night, we bbq the best chicken, almost burn our ass, and get ourselves in trouble with the leech(水蛭). The night was nice, and it last until the next afternoon.

On the way back home, we was robbed by 6 Malay guys who spotted us on our way back when they are on their way fishing. It only left few more minutes before we reach safety. They aged around 16-20+. They pass by us before they decided to rob us. It happens when there's a guy suddenly jumped out of the bushes and asked for a cigarette. This guy have an ear ring on the left side of his ear and his hair was kinda weird where the hair was cut in a way as if they uses coconut shells to cut it. There were 4 of them at the beginning. I tell them that I don't have cigarette and they change it to my handphone. I refused to give them. Suddenly, one of the suspect, attacked my friend and me using helmet. I was hit and punched by a shorter guy. The girl who is with us during the camping, was touch at the butt by 4-5 Malay guys.
There was a fat short guy who search for our phones and wallet in my friend's bag. He took our parang and threaten us with it. So we have to give up our belongings to them. When we guys are giving the belongings to the robber, there was a thin guy who was stripping his pants and from what my friend see, he is trying to rape our girl. But he didn't proceed it. I don't know why.

Half way comes another 2 Malay to join the fun. I didn't realise what happen to my friends because of the blows that i received from the robbers. We don't even know what's the motor number because it was parked at a higher road. My friend was all stoned when they realise that they are robbing us. I was afraid too at that time. I can't really do anything to help my friends.

My friends and I have learned our lessons not to do something without planning. My house mate told me that, preparation for danger must be done before any trip. I was stupid enough not to realise about this. I can't really do anything when they rob us.

My dad scolded me for not aware of the danger that we might face. Haih, can't I just live with it by myself without him telling me the things that had happen? I also realise that, I can't do anything to help my friends. I was stoned, afraid, doing nothing and really nothing. This really go against what my heart always tell me - to help others. Now I'm having this dilemma going through another phase of my life. This is a small test that God gave me. To let me realise what are the things that is important in my life. The calling that God gave me. What is it anyway?



Anonymous said...

I think your dad did not scolded you but just to know the reason of what happen, and why at the time when the security of the country is not controllable by police, you still go camping at Rawang. You should be at the campus.

It is also communication of concern when the event happen at a sudden, without any outside party can really think rightly how to communicate or ask.

He is not angry but want to know why? out of concern.

uncle said...

we were waiting for you during the Chinese New Year, but you didn't come back to Penang. Really sorry to hear that even your bus ticket was taken by those "Lanunputra".

To warn you, Malaysia is no longer a safe place you to go around freely, especially at night, the security of the country is not controllable by police, especially the peninsular.

You shouldn't go any where in KL, you should concentrate on your study and graduate with good grade. This is your priority.