Saturday, March 24, 2007

That Feeling..

After hours of gaming and gaming, I just realised that I enjoy the pain of gaming. Not the excitement but the boringness and torture that I will receive.

Life seems to be easy and simple when I'm small. Life seems to be tougher when I begin my university life.

The feeling of emptiness and hopeless is striking me again. What can I do? What can I do?

Waiting around with my computer and my games or do something without a motive?

Living like a corpse or living like a saint?

None of it happens to be what I want. But what is the thing that I want or God wants?

Online, gaming, chatting, sleeping, suffer, pain and all this seems to be what I'm doing now.

Haih, I'm hopeless... useless and sometimes, stubborn to accept the fact.


uncle said...

glad to hear you wake up... finally

uncle said...

seems like it is very hard for you to get out from the matrix, is depend the goal in your life, what do you want to achieve?

so, is definately depend on your own decision, to select the blue pill to stay in the fantacy or the red pill to get out from the matrix.

learn from the concept of this movie:

uncle said...

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uncle said...

Are you an university student?

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