Saturday, May 26, 2007

One Litre of Tears.

The latest j-series that I have watched. It have a very nice plot and ending which touched everyone that watch it. Being a brother of a cancer patient, I understand some of the scenes in the series which is quite similar with me. I really hope that everyone that have cancer will be able to survive mentally and physically. Some of the patient, even though survive the cancer that are threatening their life, can't survive the mental illness that they faced during the healing. I wish that I can help them.

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Boon Eu said...

Is good for you to watch this real life drama, how she struggled to fight the cancer, then you will only appreciate your life, your campus life, your family, and don't waste your time anymore.

I watched this japanese drama in 2006, "ichi rittoru no namida", very touched, i have burned the whole series in a dvd, including the songs and musics, I like the song "Konayuki" by remioromen. If you want a copy, you are welcome to get from me, when you are back to Penang. - shushu.