Monday, July 16, 2007

Heaven is around Us.

I have to accept the fact that, heaven is all around me. What is heaven anyway? Is it a place? Is it a heaven that we always think it is in our mind?? or it is a peace of mind and soul? From what I know, it is a part of our spirit. We actually had it in our heart with our others desire.

Heaven seems to be a place where all the dead good people will go. It always seem to be so far from us. But now i realise that, heaven is just around us. Always waiting for us to get inside it. Waiting for a us to knock the door so that he can let us in. The only thing he want is that we choose to knock the door rather than being force to do so. Willingly and faithfully accepting it and the thing s around it.

Life seems to be in heaven when you're happy, but is it true that you're in heaven???
I don't know anything about happiness and heaven even though I have been searching for it for quite awhile. Doing things that is totally different and out of the way. Doing things that is unproductive and doing things that is against my own will. Am I doing the right thing???The right thing as in??

Things seems to be blur and unclear all the time. Always think that I can survive by myself alone without anyone's help. But it seems to be totally wrong when I face problems in life. Wisdom is something I always think I have but I always hope for something more in my life.

Trying to be good, trying to be nice, trying to be excellent in every part. That's my sicko life.


unlce said...

Yes, heaven is a place on earth:

but you have to get out from the "matrix" you are into, eg. games, internet, blog, sleep, eat then games again, repeating and nvr ending.

To understnad what is matrix, goto :

uncle said...

You are lost again, because you do not know what you want to be, without a goal in your life. If you want to be the best physcologist, do it right, and excel into it, concentrate on your responsibilities, your current main responsibility is to learn as much as you can in your tertiary study.

Next stage of your life is to excel in your professional career, and get some income to support your own life, to be independence adult. You may futher your phd and be a professor.

responsible, goal, dignity and excel are important elements in our life, remember it.