Friday, September 21, 2007

The Island.

The Island is similar with the 5C ( Car,Cash...) that we always hope for in our life.
Our life is a routine that Lincoln 6 Echo and Jordan Two Delta did everyday in their life.

We never ask ourself the reason and cause behind all of our action and motives and goals. We just follow whatever the world give us and stick with it.
The world want us to be rich and famous, and we follow it.
The world had our mind set at the bodies and beauties of the girls, and we stick to it.
The world want us to depart from our nature environment, and we follow it.
The world has it own philosophy that she want us to follow exactly like it, and we just do it.

The laboratory looks nice inside but ugly outside. People using people to achieve things that the world wanted to. It seems to me that it is a mirror of our own world. The real world and the world itself.

Everything, we hope something could be changed but we never move our butt.
Every moment seems to be that boring but we never think of changing it.
Things seems to be stagnate all day long but none of us make a progress.

Moving in our own space, thinking in our own world and this seems to be able to satisfy us. Anyway, life ain't just that from what I see.

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