Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nana chan

I just realise that I'm starting to write a lot in this blog, even though there's no one looking at it besides my uncle and my dad. I'm on my process to finish a long series of anime named Nana.

Nana is an anime with a lot of relationship in it that I always get confuse about the relationship and their behaviour. It also deal with the openness towards love and sex of Japanese young adults. It is also about the insight of a girl's life.

2 young girl named Nana, came to Tokyo to search for something in their life. Hachiko aka Nana aka neurotic needs for love, comes to Tokyo to find true love. Nana aka vocal singer aka cool, come to Tokyo to find her dream. 2 person with different dreams and motives meet together in Tokyo. The story starts here.

Totally different characteristic and behaviour makes the story goes on. The things that happen between them and around them. The love life that is portrayed in it shows the loneliness of Japanese young adults. The need for love causes disturbance in spirit and soul. All this makes the story interesting with cliffhanger at the end of each episode. Unexpected events and characters makes me continue to watch it.

I only manage to watch it until episode 20++ so I can't really know how the whole story goes. I believe it will be story that worth my attention. Learning from the anime and putting God's word in it and realising the importance of love from God.

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