Monday, October 08, 2007

Swing Girls.

"There is 2 type of people, one who swing and one who don't."

Taken from CR CrunchyRoll


Swing Girls is a feel-good comedy following Yaguchi’s familiar formula of novices starting a new and slightly unusual activity, suffering various problems and set-backs on the way, but finally triumphing in the final reel.

The films starts with a group of girls having to spend their summer vacation in catch-up mathematics lessons with a boring teacher. One day they are given the chance to escape the lessons by delivering lunch boxes to members of the school's brass band club. When the band members become ill, the girls realise that they can permanently skip mathematics lessons if they take the place of the sick band members.

The film then follows the various problems and situations they encounter, from exercise regimes, learning to play their instruments, raising money, finding a teacher and entering a local music competition. What started as an excuse to miss lessons becomes a passion, and they finally win glory in the concert hall.

My comment:
A nice movie about the musical journey of untalented high school girls. Facing obstacles and challenges during the whole journey to perform. Nice and funny to watch especially the boar part. Unexpected events that change the whole band. Overall is a nice movie to laugh at. Might be a bit boring at some of the time. But I get the hang of it.

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