Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Asked myself.

I have asked myself and imagine almost all the possible answer to my question, and there's only one answer to all question, "only God's know". Asking myself again and again, is there any way that God gonna show it to me on how to proceed life without pressure and with simplicity, without decision making and without relationship problem.

Life ain't that easy right??? I think that's what He gonna tell me :D. Maybe there's a night where the stars are bright and I can feel Christ fragrance in myself. It's gonna be good and soothing to my spirit and my soul. But when is it??? Am I forcing myself to grow??? Am I not wanted to grow??? The world is fascinating in a way that I almost fall in love with it, ain't that good???

The world is tempting, ain't that gonna be good if I just follow it. Whatever that the world bring me, I can just follow, blindly following everything in the world just to get the feeling of being alive?? is that what everyone wants?? or just that they can't change anything???

Question, Questions and more Questionsssssss... ain't gonna change my life... It will only deepen my thoughts and make me into a maniac that my relative had become, a psychotic selfish person that everyone will forgive because he/she is insane.

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