Friday, November 23, 2007


Life is tough when you have freaking a lot of choice. Those choices always make you wanna puke.
Sometimes I just wonder, are those choice necessary?? I mean life should be simple. Ain't being simple is being less troublesome??

Haih... make me wanna puke again after saying something that is creating more questions in my head.

After some deep thoughts, my dream is coming back... A dream that I hope it will never happen. Dreaming is fun sometimes, but having such a dream ain't gonna help me to overcome my fear. The fear of making tough choices that will make you lose something, someone, and somesome.

I thought of dying earlier so that I can escape all those fear. It never happen because I still need to make a tough choice before I die, to jump or not to jump. Choices are always in my life, I think is time for me to take the responsible of picking the wrong one and prepare to accept it.

The only way that I can make sure that I won't do a mistake in picking the right answer, is to renew my mind with the Holy Spirit guiding me. It sounds easy but it isn't. So it applies to the thing I'm doing now. I'm testing a product called CELLFOOD, I do hope I won't spoil my own body. On the other hand, I do hope it helps.

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