Friday, November 09, 2007


Every time I see her, I feel a knife in my heart.
Every time I talk with her, I feel there's someone wanted to cut my throat.
Every time I walk with her, I'm afraid that someone will take her away.
Everyday I meet her, I feel like I will melt in front of her.

Is there any chance that, this feeling will go away???

Oh, I just hope that I can have someone to talk to, someone to listen to me, and someone to know my deepest thoughts and feelings. God, I think now, it's only you and me and the rest of the world.

Sometimes, I just think that I was given the opportunity to become someone with the lowest honour and dignity in this world, so that I can help those who need it and understand them. Still, it sounds pathetic when I know that, God , you gave me this ability that will pull my heart into despair some of the times. In the other hand, is an ability and a gift that will help others.


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