Thursday, December 13, 2007


Approach this product and wanted to try it's effectiveness. Before this, I have tried Rin Enzyme (RE) which contains vegetable enzyme that is beneficial to our body. More information refer to this Link. The effect of RE is quite instant. As soon as you drink concentrated RE, your blood will immediately show changes. Before RE, my blood is not at the perform shape and linking together. After an hour, it changes to molecule that shapes perfectly and not link together, with lesser fat in the blood stream.

Now I wanted to try a new product called CELLFOOD. It was created by Everett Storey, someone who was described as "genious" by Albert Einstein. He was actually involve in this project USAVINA Organic Biochemical Fertilizer Manufacturing & Trading. This is the website for CELLFOOD.

I will be trying it for one month to see the effect of this product.

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