Monday, December 24, 2007


I wish all of my friend a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Christmas, what is it actually?

Is it something about giving presents?
Is it something about Christmas trees?
Is it something about Santa Claus?
or who knows, it might be the birth of a great man?

No one really knows the true meaning of Christmas,
some said is too commercialise,
some said is a waste of time,
some said is a season of grace and love,
some even said is the time for gifts( I like this the most ).

It's a special season where love develop?
It's a time where kids behave?
Or it's a season where shopping malls earn...

Nah, is just a day like everyday.
A day that we would cherish and appreciate.
A day that war shouldn't be the only solution.
A day where kids enjoy their daily meals.
A day where I'm still alive.

Bullshit Christmas, is just a day to remember and remind us about Jesus Christ. Why can't we do it everyday?

Maybe is a tradition that is passed down by someone. I don't care. As long as, it helps :D.

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