Sunday, December 16, 2007


Now: Listening to music. Music that grow with me for ages.

Listening back to those old songs that I know during my primary and secondary school's day, really make me feel that, life is perfect and going in it's own way. Life never stops, and it grows too.

Listening to those songs that
sooth my soul,
music that heals me,
brighten my life up instantly.

I feel as if,
love is around,
life is around,
touching my deep soul,
healing my tough life,
and telling me that LIFE is to be a person that appreciate memories that you have.

Cherishing every moment that you have now is something important for me. Although people always think that this is the thing that hold me back for being what they think I am, still that's me. Living a life that is built upon some small memories and fracture of happiness, ain't something bad.

Tree grows and die, so does memories. That's the reason for me to keep it and cherish it. Life ain't gonna be easy with this thought in my mind. Life is fun and at the same time, is cruel. I need this memories to remind me that, I'm still alive and alive to do things that is amazing.

Jiraiya from Naruto manga, said that even if we are a failure in life, there is always something we can learn from it. Never give up, the attitude of that makes life. Makes life as what it is.

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