Thursday, December 20, 2007

Utarian BBQ 19th Dec 2007

Just finish cleaning. If I were my oldself, I would ask myself, "Is it really worth that much to do this and that for them?".

Now I would ask, "Have I done my best?".

Times does change. From the old to new, from hopesless to something.

There's always some complains and frustration when we are doing something. People always choose to look at the side where, frustration focus on. Now, I choose the path that Mother Teresa had chosen, less criticism, more praise and be grateful. I won't say that I'm as good as her, but I would say, I feel slightly happier thinking that way. There's more things that I can enjoy, more people to relate to and more time to feel grateful.

When we have the right attitude to face problems and frustration, things will eventually get better.

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