Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas and New Year Celebration in 61 (29-12-2007)

This is the picture that we had during our celebration in 61 for Christmas 2007and New Year 2008. I was emotionally tired that day, so kinda feel out of the place.

The hidden cook!!!

Most of the cooking is done by Henry and Janet. Nice meeeeee... we finish all of it. Oh ya, Hoe cook something special. :D.

Everyone are prepraring for the bbq while I'm waiting for the food... wuahaha..

The people who came to the bbq to have fun.

The professionals in bbq was hired by us to prepare the food.

Doesn't it look nice and colourful???

Chicken wing pro!!!! Some said that he is even good in eating it!!!

The result of African hunger disease that strike our house. Only leftover bones.

Now, is the time for DRINKS!!!!

Do you know what are they looking at??? I think they are waiting for the wine... while HJ giving a speech.

This is the great speech by our "Yat Za" HJ the superior almighty.

Failed wine opening ceremony!!!

Even the cameraman is getting drunk...

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