Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Writing from the lab in PA block.

Life starts to get rough and busy this semester, having 6 subject in a semester ain't no easy stuff. This semester, I'm going to make my attendance full and try my best in providing my team members the help they can get without confusing them.

Besides that, I pray that one day, I can hug her.

I just realise that life have no meaning when there's no one to share your happiness. Being able to be happy, at the same time sharing it with someone would be the best. I just thanks God for bringing me to this stage of life that I never had before.

Things and events that had happen add values to my life diary. I'm blessed with good housemates, good environment, God, someone, my family , my friends, my coursemates and lastly, myself. This makes me who I am now, which contributes to the benefit of the people around me. I never thought that one day, I will be moving forward to my own goals that is not restricted by my parents. I'm fortunate that my desire is not stop merely by my parents orders.

That's all for now, I need to attend meeting with our PMP members. Thanks to her, I manage to know what's love about.