Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

well, the mood of chinese new year is getting weird. It is a mixture of happiness, busyness, confusion, burned out, tiredness, hope, and weirdness.

A few issues that I'm facing now.

Assignments is coming to town.
FYP is on the way.
Love is back home.
Family is still in bond.
Friends are feeling helpless.
God, I need your help again.

Assignments is always my issue. I don't seems to be able to really try my best in my assignments. Just because I'm lazy, that doesn't mean that I can't try my best right? well, I think I need to try again. :D

FYP is something that I think I can handle it in my own fashion and style. Since it is an invidual assignment, I do hope that this time, I gonna push my laziness to the minimum and my creativeness to the maximum. FYP is our portfolio and a process to learn what we can use in our future thesis.

Family was not in my 1st priority of my life when I came to KL. Now, it is still not the 1st priority, but I treat it as important as my other issues. Dad, I know is hard, but there must be some changes.

I just flash through SJ's blog, and I can see that she is feeling hopeless. Something that I have been through and sometimes, still feel it. I just pray that God, let your hand do the works and let me be your middlemen. Try your best SJ.

Well, love. HAHAHA. Thanks to you my dear, I'm feeling weird. Yesterday, 6 Feb 2008, I experienced something that I had never have in my life. My heart can't stop beating with joy. My mind is going irrationally wild. Someone said something that some how makes me feel some kind of excitement. Arrrggghhh, I need to get over it, is Chinese New Year!!!!

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