Thursday, March 13, 2008


No one ever predicted that this election gonna be a tsunami for BN. No one ever predicted that Khairi die of heart attack. No one also predicted that BN never really look into this matter seriously.

Well, DAP taken Penang and Selangor. I do hope that their vision for a better country is gonna show BN the voice from the nation. DAP didn't really do much in this election because most of the voters vote for party rather than the person they are voting for.

No more majority for BN. Dual government is gonna be our new way of governming Malaysia. Although there's a few limitation to dual government, it will be a way for Malaysia to really challenge the issues that is long discussed before the election. Who will be the right and who will be wrong, will all be expose in this new government. Although BN is still taking control over the parliment, there's always hope the new parliment will be better than the previous one.

Let's wait and see at the future of Malaysia after the tsunami 8th of March.

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