Friday, April 25, 2008

Snake Rat One Nest

The reason I name this post Snake Rat One Nest is because the chinese words behind this photo describe perfectly the animals that is exhibited.

The white parrot that is attracted to me.

she even flap her wing for me hoho.

The so called million dollar face Ivy(mention in her blog) *puke*

Exotic Creature Exhibition in One Utama was an experience for me. Well, it was the first time in my life that I know creatures have names like Banana, Peach and Tangerin. Most of the animals in the exhibition are mainly snakes. I saw one snake that look like someone's bag and a frog that look like a stone. A colourful parrot that don't speak but shout and another white parrot that likes my touch (never know that I attract animal more than females) . I had fun looking at all those so called exotic animals with ivy. At least, I had something to do during my study week. Hehe.

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