Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Some photos that I have taken during our mid term test for Counselling.

Before Exam.

Revising like mad for last minute revision. The gal with a happy face is the 4 flat scorer, so she is not worried at all.

2 Leng Zai with spec trying to discuss some serious issue in Counselling subject.

Well, the discussion continues with the other specky leng zai.

Behaviour in Exam.

The V or Peace sign poser. (Top: Vince, Bottom: Cheng)

Wow, he can even post the international sign language while rushing for this tense exam.

Sms is a route to success when you do not know anything about the question. ( PS. He is not cheating, it's after the exam).

Let me see, they have "GOOD" eyes.Woww Double vision. :D

I'm just curious, can he read the exam questions with this lengthy hair?

Har! Don't try to cheat, I can see you.

The last resort when you really can't think of an answer - Dream and hopefully that Uncle Chow, the boogey man, will provide you the answer.

Some nice angle shots from my table.

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