Friday, May 02, 2008


Blogging from Sentul.

Today was the worst day I had in my exam. It was the first time I feel like crying in the exam hall. It wasn't tough but it was something else. It was a feeling that makes my heart ache. The feeling of not able to answer when the answer is just within your reach. The feeling of not able to perform at my peak. It was different from what I experience in MMU, it was something new, something that I never thought I will experience. It wasn't me, it was my other side. The side or I might say, God, that was interfering. 

Another feeling that I had a few days ago is also bothering me. It was a nightmare that I struggle to overcome, a nightmare that took away my dreams and motivation. This nightmare started since I was small. Just pray hard that someone will take it away from me. A nightmare that I strangled myself within it's awaken life.

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