Monday, June 30, 2008

UTAR Kampar

I was sent to Kampar to work for UTAR in soft skills competency unit. What would student say about the new built UTAR campus in kampar if you ask the student in PJ campus?

Some would say that it is "ulu" ( kampungish ).
Some would say that it is a waste of money moving from a city to a small town of no where.
Some would say, wtf, I paid my RM500 for development fees and I get nothing from it.
Some would say that it is a place without entertainment and night life.

Well what would I say about UTAR Kampar?

A nice place with mountains and lake, good feng shui I would say :D.
A place to study without disturbance.
A place to practice your cycling skills.
A place to move slowly in pace and learn to enjoy nature.
A beautiful place indeed and it is near to Ipoh and Penang.
It feels like the experience that I had during my studies in MMU, Cyberjaya.
If you're finding a beautiful place to study, I would recommend you Kampar. Big and nice.
Just look at the pictures taken by some of the people.
Well, will UTAR be your choice? It might be :D.


Joanna Priya said...

A christian!!! how wonderful! yes i agree!!!! UTAR KAMAR IS my choice after all!!

hey may intake 2009 foundations hehe

Anonymous said...

i dun like kampar.
there is hot weather and lame place

Aizat said...

Dear Kelvin,

I came across the pictures you took of UTAR through google, and I was wondering if I could use the night picture in my Powerpoint presentation regarding e-learning? It would not be distributed in soft copy, and will be used only for illustration/ display to the group.

Please let me know as I think the picture is beautiful and perfect to illustrate a great Malaysian institute.