Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Busy Relationship

Imagine, you're in a relationship where one of the partner is busy and another is a lepak kaki, do you think this kind of relationship will work out?
Imagine again, if your partner is too busy to response to you, what would you feel?
Imagine another scenario, if breaking up because of your busy life, will you regret?

People tends to think that since there's no more commitment in each other, there's no more relationship in it.Everyone is busy with their own stuff. There's no time for commitment. But would you think in that way too?

The victim of a bully tends to become the bully in another relationship.
Will the cycle comes back again when the victim is the bully?

I believe that human are gifted with a creative and imaginary mind that can help us to imagine and understand the problems faced by bullies and victims. If this is the case, I believe that the cycle will stop in it's own way. Will the bully understand and appreciate experience that a the victim faced? Will the victim prevent themselves from being a bully? I don't know, but I believe that there's always hope in it.

Our faith is tested with things that we are going through in life. A faith that have not been tested will not much of an impact in our life. Even if we are tested, God will always be there to lead us to a way, a way that our faith can grow stronger. A busy life definitely will not take away our faith towards God, but the ignorance definitely will affect our faith.

I always thanks God for giving me a second chance in everything I have prayed for. I prayed and I received, it might be in something that I didn't expect, it might be a way of life that I need to change, but I definitely receive it. Thank you la. Next time I thank you more. :D

Actually, I'm pondering on some question that I faced and think about recently. Would it be wise to make a conclusion that based on the things I had observed? Would it be fair to people I care? Should there be something better in mind that I should mingle with? Would this be a test for my faith? I do not know, but I'm sure I need to hold on to the things that I believe.

Phrase from Tom.
Tom said this to P, "Try imagine the things that Tom is going through with the experience that P had before. There's definitely something that is making P frustrated about..."

SLOPI a lot.

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