Thursday, August 21, 2008

Define The Relationship (DTR)

We had our bible study discussion in Keng Yin's house with Crystal from New York, Lance from the friendly neighbourhood, Jacod the deep thinker and Mong Ping.The topic we had is DTR.

There's 2 important relationship in our life. One relationship is the relationship with the people in the world and another one would be the relationship with God. Both are important relationship that both plays a different role in our life.

Relationship with God is definitely something that none of us should forget because it is the greatest relationship that you would want to have. A perfect relationship where there's perfect love which cast away fear. The fear of losing, the fear of unknown, the fear of rejection and also the fear of death. All this came from God himself when we are in relationship with Him. God give us without anything in return and there's no expectation, that's really something precious to hold on to.

Another relationship is human relationship, it can be boy gal relationship, or family and friends relationships or any relationship in this world. For me, relationship that I'm really looking for now would be a boy gal relationship.

A moment in DTR, erm...
It was like a dream when I look back at the night I talk about relationship with someone that I know. Someone that only exist in my dreams. It happen during, before and after a movie.

We talk about life and death. We talk about things that happen in the past and future. We talk about everything.
I wrote the 3 special word on the palm of her during that movie night, hoping that she will understand the emotions and feelings that I put upon my heart. She was excited but also confuse. I was excited and happy. Well, I forget the details but I know I can't really sleep that night.
A few days later, I confront with her again about defining the relationship. She was not ready for a new relationship and she don't wish to use me as a replacement for her ex.
At the end, things work out well for both of us. We had some great time together. Working together, eating together, watching together, hang out together and also laughing at something that we both think is cute and funny.

God plays an important role in this relationship of mine with her. It was a duty for me to become better and learn more about God through her. Partly from her personality and also her background. God send an angel to let me realize His importance and His existance. It is the same as an angel who came to tell us about the news of a saviour and also an angel who bless us with their faith. God has His own way to get things done. My motivation was always externally affected. Whether or not it is something important, I always change according to the environment.

Well, she was something different, something that I wish God told me earlier so that I can enjoy it now. God I pray that she will learn her way of living in your presence and I pray that You will guide her in her spirit to search for you.

Start to feel sleepy and tired because of cellfood. Night.

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