Thursday, August 28, 2008

Faith Tester

Our faith and relationship will only show their true colour when there's a temptation or problems going on. We won't really know the strength of our faith with God when there's no struggling and incongruence in our heart. This was something that really strike me during my jog in the rain at Bukit Gasing.

Through jogging that I realise, life is full of temptation, limitation and also weaknesses that I do not wish to see. A good example would be the discipline that I have to hold on to myself when I go jogging.  I planned to go for a jog regularly since I came to UTAR. It didn't work out because my plans didn't hold on well to something that motivates me. Well, now I have something in my mind for me to hold on to when I go for jogging. It can be my struggling with some issues, it might be my problems that I face currently, it can also be some happy moment that I need to release out without anyone realizing it.

Again, God gave me this opportunity to apply the Word that He taught me. Through struggling in my life, I learn a lot of the Word from God. It was never that hard anyway, I just need to go on with my life and understand the meaning behind God's Word.

A regular jogging is like the best prevention for heart attack.
It is the same for God's Word in our heart, it is the best medicine and also prevention for anything that will happen in our LIFE.

My faith on God's relationship and me was always a struggle for me. Sometimes, I just wish that I will give up myself to the world around me. It would be a lot more easier than holding on to God's Word. Well, I pray that I will always remember God's Word better than I thought I am.

SLOPI a lot.

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