Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Blogging from office since there's no work given to me yet.
I'm currently working Pengunnding Ukur Tekun (PUT) http://www.put.com.my/ . I'm working as a technical drafter for a sub Project. My job is to use a software that can transform 2D pictures to 3D image. By doing this, I can actually accurately calculate the distance from a point to a point in the picture without measuring it. It's a field that is quite new in Malaysia, a technology we called Digital Photogrammetry.

The technology enable us to use only pictures to capture the 3D moment of a scene. It has been use in insurance claims for accident to calculate the damage of the car, car manufacturer to check for imperfection of car's body and also used in big stracture to estimate check for small cracks. Besides that, it can also be used as a device to copy a model using photos. For example, using only 3 pictures from different angle, I can make a 3D object of a branded model of car and reproduce the exactly same car in that software. Imagine the usefulness of this software.

So, I do hope others can implement this technology in their projects. It helps to reduce the risk and the cost of doing certain measurements. Anyway, I can't name the software and the project I'm doing, cause it's a P & C information of the company. Hola, back to work.

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Anonymous said...

wow...now you are programmer or tehnician? what about your psychologist? which one is your profession? I also confuse, must be clear of your direction and priority.