Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

The hot weather in my place is really killing a lot of people who is sick and having exams. This hot weather force me to think about global warming and the effects of human civilization done to the earth. Again, it also reminds me about why God wanted to separate people to reach to Him in Babylon. All because of the selfish pride of human trying to move towards the world of evil desires to become Him.

Even though I might be seem as an extremist in disguise, but this speaks my heart out. Ain't we here to protect God's garden of eden and the creature that lives in this earth? Ain't we people that would be sent back to heaven which I think earth itself is a shadow of heaven?

Oh well, all my concern now is about my great grandma, my friends and people whom I think is in need of help. But how about the Earth that God created?

This climate changes doesn't only affects the Earth in terms of temperature but also in other areas such as starvation, war, economic crisis, psychology illness and etc. I started to realise that Global Warming is not only affecting the temperature on the newspaper today. The war is crying out loud now in almost everywhere. Piracy (Pirates), Rebellions and also political changes that is taking over the newspaper seems to be getting more and more. Starvation and lack of food is also another issues that the world is facing now. More and more crimes is getting in our daily lifes. So what can us as a Christian do to help the world?

What will Jesus Christ do as a human in earth?
What's God purpose for human in this earth?
Does earth only meant to be exploited by us as much as we can and eventually death comes to our way?
Too many things is going on either we aware about it or not...
People are struggling on the issues they are facing now....
Will they look at the bigger picture of the issues?
Will they know what's the truth behind all this things that is going on?

I watch watchmen the graphical comic from Jacob. Depressing indeed but it's true. The life of human is getting wicked by days. Not because I saw it but because me myself is getting wicked days by days. God ask us to deny ourselves and carry the cross and our daily worries with Him. I'm sure that it includes our evil thoughts and behaviours.

Well, I have a few ideas.
1. Getting ourself equipped with God's word to prevent any spiritual changes that will affect our heart towards God.
2. Read the newspaper to update ourself with the problems that the world and our community is facing.
3. Take actions that will really benefit the issues and tackle it in anyways you can. For example, as a student, I might not have a lot of money but what I have is time, strength and countless passion that can be pour out to serve the God's creation well.
4. Pray and let God lead us in making any of the decisions that need a balance between 2 choices.
5. Tell others and share about this issue, and who knows, more people will have same faith as you. They might walk with you in this journey.
6. Know our capabilities in dealing with all this issues. If we are only capabilites of donating our money, just do it and pray to God so that He bless us with what we should do.

All this applies to every situation or issues that we are facing. All we need to do is to admit that we are weak, pray for forgiveness of incapibility and ask for help from God.

John 16:24
Assurance of Answered Prayer.

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete. A strong word to start for a prayer.

God I also pray that churches are meant to be a place for us to grow but not to hinder us from you. I also pray that CS, L, A, C will be able to know the true purpose of having a church in our body, soul, spirit and mind. Amen.

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