Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chai Yee 17th Birthday 08-11-2006 in Kuantan.


Chai Yee's birthday is at 8th of November. I was invited to join the party that is going to be at R@lax.

It is the 2nd time returning to Kuantan in this 5 years.

The famous road in Kuantan that everyone will normally pass by. We have another nick for it, Wong An Jing ( Wong Anjing).

Night scene in Kuantan.

Testing the new camera that I'm promoting( Black ICE "The Don")

Trying Out the different effects of the Camera.

Chai Yee and Mei Chin

They are my online friend that I know for a few years in Kuantan.

Left:Chai Yee
Right:Mei Chin

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