Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Friends In Celcom.

1. Fendy (Guard)
A security guard in Celcom PJ. Live in Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu. He told me a lot of wonders and beauty of the Island. A friend guy with a friendly humour. Helpful at a lot of times. He have an approachable smile and personality that everyone will like to chat with him. He also told me a lot of encounter that he have with the foreigner in the Island.

2. Azlan (Citigroup)
A citigroup sales executive from the development department. Have a rich dad who is able to help him whenever he need it. A person with low confidence and low esteem. Don't work hard at the beginning but starts to see the reason behind everything. Easy going guy with a lot of potential to be explore.

3. Man (Solikhin)
A customer service officer in Celcom. A person who is responsible and mature. That's why he have a gf :D. Funny guy with a serious face. Friendly in a way but serious at a time. We alway dicusss about the question that we have about the customer and things going on in the Celcom.

4. Suhaimi (Boss of Celcom PJ)
A Boss in Celcom PJ. Always busy with his job. But he is caring and friendly. Taking care of his customer and employees. A guy with a lot of jokes to tell when he is not serious. Definitely the right guy for the right job. He have a typical mustache look which is a bit scary when you don't know him. Once you are close to him, he is approachable in the sense that, don't be too serious when he is joking :D.

5. Basran (Finance)
Assistant in Finance Department. A guy who like to joke all the time, even when he is scolding a person. Sometimes i don't even know whether he is joking or he is serious. He is good at his job, which reminds me of my father. He is dealing with a lot of procedures and money which can make a guy to going insane :D. I think that he is a wise guy with a lot of things to learn from.

6. Dang
A girl who is born in Sarawak. I think that she likes me. That's all. For me, she is just a friend.

7. Nazri
Best employee of the month. The most motivated guy I have seen in Celcom. Dedicated his life to Celcom if I'm not. He listen to pop and rock songs eventhough he looks like someone who is polite and gentle. HAHAHA.

8. Lawrence
The only chinese guy who work in Celcom. A very talkative guy who enjoy travelling and having fun with friends. A people centered person which is kinda makes every person he approach to join him in what he is doing. He's from Kuantan too.

There's more, Sharifah, Wati, Emi and so on. All of them is very helpful when I needed some help from them. They will definitely help me when they can lend out a hand. That's all from now. Overrall, the people in Celcom are all who will work together with the team, willing to help each other and care about the things that is happening in Celcom. Although they face a lot of problems and difficulties in servicing client, they still manage to enjoy their life in a way.

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