Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gua Tempurung Trip 2007

Thee Monkeeeesssss from the EAST.

Some pictures that we have taken during our trip to Gua Tempurung with Buddy,Ben, Micheal and Micheal's friend.

Thy Map.

BEFORE --- The Pirates.


AFTER --- Sunken Ship with the Tour Guide.

They decided to accept the fact that they're wet.

There's more... If you don't know how to use the camera, this is the result.

TAKE 1 --- Splashing water at me because I didn't set it at a longer time frame.

TAKE 2 --- They are bored waiting for it.

TAKE 3 --- They are still bored... damn, where am I ...

TAKE 4 --- Now they look frustrated... wuahaha

TAKE 5 --- At least I'm in the picture, guys sorry... but still they are not satisfied.

TAKE 6 --- Now Ben starts to get frustrated...

TAKE 7 --- Haih, I still can't make the best out of the auto timing... damn!!!

They tried to kill me after the photo session. But I'm lucky cause I'm a good runner. :D

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