Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Referring to this post of mine... http://seowqj.blogspot.com/2005/03/regretsin-my-life.html

1.Not being able to repay what my family have give me.
Until now, I still regret on this, but I think I have change my concept where if I appreciate the things that they had gave me, that is repayment.

2.Not being able to become a person useful to the community.
Have to wait until I work maybe :D.

3.Can't achieve my dreams.
I'm dreaming all the time, no need dreams.

4.Not good at anything.
At least I'm good in something. :D

5.Not sincere in religion.
Wrong concept that I have before, now changed.

6.Don't have any girlfriend.
HAHA same.

7.Having a useless life.
Slightly better.

8.Doing nothing but sleeping.
REsting I would say.

9.Playing all the time.
For the sake of playing, not all the time.

10.Never ever serious of changing all the above.:P
Asked myself de... he said ok :d.

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