Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Temptation and Desire.

I just lost to my own temptation and desire which leads me to be unaware of my own money management. Damn, never thought that would happen to me. 1st time and the last time for me. NO MORE. This is also the first time I feel responsible to the things that happen to me, damn, I'm growing. No way!!!! I like to be a kid, with no worries and pressure all the time.

Life gonna be tough when I realise that I'm growing up. Growing up to someone that I wouldn't thought I would be, A Man. It was never in my dictionary for like 20 years. Now it reappear in not only my dictionary but also my mind.

Tough tough, I lost my money and I learn my lesson. Do I still need to find the money or just let it be so that I can remember this forever...???

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