Sunday, December 09, 2007


I wonder sometimes, what's out there besides our world. I'm just a little homo sapien trying live a life that will benefit others. When I look at the big picture of our universe, life seems to be little and kinda useless in some sense. My little homo sapien life sounds so insignificant to others compare to what God had done.

God created the world, with a purpose and a meaning. God made this world, a world that I cannot fully understand until now. A world that has evolve into a world of desires in some part of it. Still, I could not understand the world.

Is it only through him, that everything will be known to me?
There is enough knowledge for me to learn in this world?
Will there be something that is not comprehensible even if we break all the rules?

I just wonder, just wonder around the little world of mine that is insignificant to others. There's always God to remind that, there is a call for me. A call from God himself to tell me that, I'm great in things that I couldn't imagine. He gonna help me on this. Likewise, I need to work for it too.

Life looks clearer to me now. The beginning and the end. The process and the results. It all means something that we will eventually know. When we die or while we are growing or when nothing is happening, he gonna show it to us.

Tomorrow is my exam, life seems to be going in this way now. God bless my friends with wisdom and heart to prepare for the exam.

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