Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Busy..

Lately, I feel kinda busy with quite a lot of things.
1. Assignments - trying my best in this :D.
2. PMP and PHP - late smsing my mentees and have to find someone to be counselled.
3. Blogging - wanted to upload the pictures but don't have time. I will upload the bbq pic later :D.
4. Spiritual Life - was kinda down this few days, totally burn out. Prayed and pray.
5. Helping others.
6. Doing a bit of this and a bit of that.
7. Trying to be a better person.
8. Hectic schedule of class - stupid arrangement, I have to come back so "early" everyday, making me more tired.

Oh well, life ain't that easy when we started to change :D. Gambate to all my friends and myself :D.

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