Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fragrance Trap - Never Talk to Stranger that is weird in smell.

Receive this from friendster.
Dear All,

I am sending this out as to alert everybody regarding this Incidence that happened to me last Saturday when I was in Mid Valley.

Just beware, it happened to me & might happen to you as well...

I was in Mid Valley making my way to Coffee Bean to meet up my friend there. There was this Indian guy, aged around 30, well dressed & looked decent, coming to my way right in front of Body Shop & greeted me, "Hai, Miss , you look happy but recently you have been working too hard... Probably you should stop pushing yourself too much & relax a bit.."

Usually, my way would be to brush him off & thinking that he is "chi sin" - crazy. But that day, unusually, I stopped & listened to him, allowing him to continue with his lines for about a minute. Some how or rather, fortunately I suddenly felt that something is not right & immediately turn back & move away from the spot.

When I had made my may to Coffee Bean, after sitting down for a few minutes, I felt very dizzy & sleepy. It took me about half an hour to recover while sitting there. Then , I recalled this Indian guy had a strong fragrance smell with him while he was talking to me. I do not know how he did it but I was nearly trapped.

Something similar happened to one of my friends in KLIA before but I never expected it to happen in a busy place like Mid Valley. May be our mothers are right, do not talk too strangers but they forget to tell us, NOT TO EVEN LISTEN TO STRANGERS.
Please pass this to your friends around you to keep them alert of this.

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