Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hello, Goodbye Little Brother (Annyeong, hyeonga)

A movie that is based on a real story. Hani, HanByul(Hani's older brother) and Wook met in the hospital. Hani is a devilish and selfish brat in everyone's eye while his brother is totally opposite of him. Wook, in the other hand, is a cheerful kid who faces his sickness with laughter.

The story talks about the transition of Hani becoming a caring and helpful boy during HanByul's brain tumour treatment. A touching movie with some dramatic plot in it.

I like what the movie brings out. Kids learn it through some way and same as the adult. Both of them express their feelings using different ways. This movie shows the feeling of both families' parents. The way they treated their son and how they face the difficulty. Hani's family faced it with anger and frustration while Wook's family faced it with cheer, laughter and bravery.

At the end of the movie where HanByul is struggling to be alive, it seems that Wook gave his life to HanByul. At the same time, Hani was trying to pass the magical water to his brother. This scene really makes me cry. One child is born but another is sacrifice, it sound cruel but sometimes, life works in this way.

Life is transform through death. There's some meaning in Existantial theory.

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