Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Picnic or PiCNiC is a movie that is about 3 psychotic patient finding a place to picnic so that they can have the best place to prepare for end of world. The whole movie focus on a different perspective of the world from 3 person. People that have not go through the guilt that they had in their heart. By holding to this guilt, they move on with their life.

One day, they break the rules of not passing the boundaries of the hospital. Hence they found a new world that they never explore before. This lead them to a church, a church that is singing. They was given a bible that lead them to an conclusion of the end of the world.

This start their journey to find the best spot.

The best part of this movie is at the scene where they met the pastor of the church. They talk about the God from a different perspective. The girl thinks that the world is her and God is her parents. On the other hand, the guy think that there's no God because God never reply his prayers.

Another scene is the scene where they all walk on the wall. Is like, looking at the world from a higher ground. They see everything above everyone.

The moment he fall on the ground, is the moment he lost his world. For him, the wall and the hospital is his world. Out of that, he is dead.

The most beautiful scene in the world movie is when dark raven shoot herself and the feathers is all over the place. She died in in her own world.

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