Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

Warning, Cloverfield effects is taking part. The cameraman is not acting normal.
7 February 2008.

New Year Eve, Reunion Dinner

1st Destination: My Grandma's house which is also my youngest uncle house.

Nothing much to do but taking photos and making tang yuan with my aunt.
Pssst. My hair looks kinda weird.

Top: My uncle from SG ( Prisoner's Escort), Me
Middle: Youngest brother (from left), Younger brother.
Bottom: My Youngest cousin (youngest daughter of the Prisoner's Escort :D), Youngest sister.

Me and my uncle.

My uncle and his daughters and Me. Oh man, she is chubby, tam jiak (piglet in a human form, or likes to eat :D.), extrovert and totally out of our world. Another cousin is totally opposite of her. My uncle should focus more on her though. She need more love compare to the chubby one. Well, my psychic sense is talking again. :P

2nd Destination : Ah Tai's House
Lepaking there and taking ang pau. Well, at least I can eat loh bak there and some pork since KL's pork is expensive :D.

My Ah Tai, almost 100 year old, we are her 4th generation. The little girl is my cousin.

From left: Ah Tai, Grandma, Aunt.

The Crowd :d.

My Grandma, my uncle and his wife.

The birdman and the florist. Damn pro I tell you. He is my not so close uncle.

3rd Destination: My uncle's mom house, in english I don't know what I should call her.

猪脚醋, vinegar pork leg. Long time haven't touch this thing. Normally is for pregnant lady, but since it is for Chinese New Year, don't bother la.

Candid Camera

This is what happen when you gave too many ANG PAU!!!
My uncle. Depress, Tired, Exhausted and BROKE.

Cute Sarah, Aunt Ching's daughter.

My aunt's husband. Never put your ang pau in your pocket while you're sleeping, there's always kid trying to grab yours. Very dangerous I tell you.

My sis with me.

The Bros.

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