Sunday, February 03, 2008

Long Lost Friend

Oh well, I think I gonna blog about this anyway.

After my lunch, I was walking and shopping around Midvalley one evening. Suddenly I spotted a familiar face that I have never seen for almost 11 years. It was my primary school long lost friend. I confirm with her and she said she was... I was totally amazed by my memory hehe :P. I actually still can remember her.

Well we talk about the time we was punish by our primary school teacher. We talked about the friends that we remember. We talked about our current status and we also talked about our future.

It was nice to meet someone that we have forgotten for a long time. Those memories of my childhood was filling my mind again. There was good and bad memories but I don't think I wanna forget or erase any part of it. It makes me who I am now. I'm glad that it is over and I'm glad that she changed and I changed.

We exchange our number and email, and hoping to meet other long lost friend again.

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