Sunday, February 03, 2008


I read through some of Pinkpau's post and I found this.

now who makes The Right One? i have a superficial list in the back of my head that i tattle off to people who ask. romantic, sweet, sensitive, intellectual, witty, deep, blablabla and a cute butt wouldnt hurt too. but really. let me tell you who he is ..

he has eyes so so deep that you could fall into them. they’re delicately framed with long eyelashes and are so much like windows of void that you feel just the slightest bit of vertigo everytime you stare into them. he has a strong defined jawline that clenches slightly when he’s angry. the subtlest hint of facial hair that’s so ticklishly cute when he kisses you. large hands with long fingers that find the right places on your body without any effort at all. dark hair that kisses the collar of shirt so endearingly, dark curly hair that makes you want to fall asleep in it.

pale lips that form an o of languid desire when you kiss him. eyebrows that knit together in uncertainty. the finest wrinkles at the corners of his eyes that tell tales of past experiences. a sharp nose. the smell of cologne.

when you dont call for a few days, he gets upset but tries not to show it. when he sees you laughing and being held by other guys, he gets upset but does not exert his authority over you. he sulks a little bit, but really just wants you to come home with him at the end of the day and wrap him in your arms in a big bear hug and a cute pout on your face that says i’m sorry, and it’s all really enough for him.

when he lies next to you, he doesnt sleep until you do. and when you finally do, he props himself up ever so slightly and watches you with curious, gentle eyes as you sleep. when you smile in your sleep, he smiles and touches you lightly with the back of his hand. when you talk and when you frown and when you toss and turn in your sleep, he gets wildly afraid and tries to comfort you back to peaceful slumber without waking you up. he listens to the sound of your breathing and thinks its the most magical thing he can ever hear, and he wants to loop it around his fingers and twirl them over and over again. then he kisses your neck and he falls asleep next to you.

he writes heartfelt poetry about you that he keeps hidden away in his notebook. those poems dont rhyme and they are dripping raw with his love for you and that’s the exact reason why he will never show them to you. he doesnt mention you in his friendster profile but he writes a song there and really, it’s all about you but of course you dont know, because it’s just another song from one of the stupid bands he listens to.

in his wallet he keeps a photo of you that he stole from your desk while you were in the shower. you always thought you lost that photo but it was hidden in the depths of his heart all this while. it’s a photo of you when you were just growing up, looking pretty awkward but still so beautiful in his eyes. to him, the hot photos of you in that little tube top taken at the club and the pictures you take of yourself in his car are no match for this one photo. this one photo stored secretly in his wallet that he takes out to look at every time you both have a fight.

he dreams of marrying you while he watches you pick out furniture for your new home. mentally, he makes notes of all the types of furniture you like so he knows what to get when you really do get married. then he slaps himself for thinking such lame thoughts. you’re such a pussy, he thinks to himself, and he’s so embarassed about it but really, deep down inside you are his wife.

sometimes when you argue, he knows you’re wrong but lets you win because he cant bear to see you cry. he buys you pretty flowers for no reason and sends them to you at school without a card. he loves it when you wear that lacey knee length white skirt because in it you look so beautiful. when he holds you he’s afraid to break you. and he wants to kiss you all the time. but will you get tired of his kisses?

he’s someone so unpredictable that you cant really read him no matter how hard you try. he goes into fits of anger and you never really understand why, but that’s why you wake up feeling like you want to learn something new about him everyday. he’s soft spoken, introverted yet extroverted, and he never shares his problems with anybody. he sees things in the strangest of ways but they are so refreshingly different. he’s artistic. he’s quiet. he’s a good listener.

and for some unexplainable reason, he’s the only one person you ever loved whom you love to take photographs of. when he’s sleeping amongst your white sheets, when he looks up at you from his guitar, when he turns around at the coffee pot, when he’s driving with his sunglasses on, when he falls asleep while tanning on the beach .. you cant help but take photographs of him. those polaroids that mean forever. you just want to. and you dont know why.

I couldn't believe that this is what I wanted to be. To be in love so much to the person I love.

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