Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prudential Services Bash Challenge Finals

A recall of this event is totally exciting. It started when I attended my ex-MMU ( Money Making University ) friends graduation at the end of September 2007.

Creative and Innotive Guys that I make friend with.

This should be the original team that is going for the challenge. Left: Horseman, Eugene, Kian Meng, Me.

Eugene was walking in front of the PS Bash booth and suddenly he spotted a thingy that look like this...

Eh, is that Eugene? He already climbed up. Shit! Since the group need 3 people to participate, we have to conform to his request. Damn you eugene for you enthusiasm. Anyway, we completed 2 out of 3 test and we thought that we have no hope for the finals or anything. I totally forgot it for a few months....

and then suddenly Kin Meng told me about the challenge that we are in the FINALS!!!!

this is the email I receive.
We went into finals

Hoho and we're on our way to the finals but suddenly kian meng told me that he can't go because he is in another COMPETITION. Damn... My dream of winning RM6000....
Oh well, we discussed and finally made a decision to replace him. buggar.
So we decide to find someone we know and we got Micheal.
Now our team got Eugene, Micheal and me.

12th of January 2008
Our first day is totally unpredictable, it was raining and the challenge is postpone.Everyone was waiting. DJ Phat Fabes was the DJ that day. He looks lonely without the audience. :D

Eugene, Micheal and Me.

Luckily it didn't rain too long, we start half an hour late. Well, we was brief with the rules and regulation. Get set, and there we go.

We need to finish a few "road blocks" before we can proceed to the next station. We thought we were the 1st, but there's a team in front of us. They were our MMU friend!!! Buggar.
Those road blocks are easy but we need to be fast so that it won't waste our time in searching for the next station. It was an amazing race style kind of race.

We thought we gonna lose to our friend, but mana tau, last minute, we were ahead of them. Super duper lucky wei.... we win them by the last task. It was less than a minute difference.

The last task was to find a place called "HOME". Micheal knew what is it and we went back to the starting place. We did a task which we need to find a way to put 3 of us on an A4 paper.
As you know, the A4 paper is freaking small that it is impossible to put all our legs in, so we decided to cling on to each other's body. Finally, it is done. :D

Now we were officially the 1st in the preliminary rounds. hoho. At least we're the 1st in the 1st race. Although we are 1st in our preliminary round, we still don't know whether or not we can get into the finals. We have to come next day to know the result.

The 1st team and the 2nd team posing for success. :D

Celebrating our fruitful event with Tesco CHEAP Hotdogs. :D I forgot the price but is really cheap.

13th January 2008 The Final Day
DJ Ben was the DJ today. At the finals, we went there to wait for our results. The only expected results would be, we have chances to win. Well, the unexpected thing came out is that Ben announced our name which is in the FINAL 3!!!!!

3 task was done to see who would be the winner for the competition. 1st is to spot the difference. 2nd is that 3 of us have to climb the wall in the fastest way(I did it with my cramp leg!!).

Last is to answer questions that is very very general or I would say hard. The question are so specfically hard. They ask you what's the speed for the fastest animal. WTF???

Well, nothing much to expect because we didn't did well in it. So we got 3rd!!!! I'm so happy that we went into the final 3. It was totally something that all of us didn't expected. Eugene said it was something to be remember because it has been a long time that we really win something.

Winning is kinda hard to define. When you win something over but in the same time, you will lose something that comes with it. Some people win and some people lose. Will we be happy if people that lost the race is our best friend ? Well, lifes always come with things that is unexpected. Don't be terrified with it but have confidence in the things that you believe.

Some photo session to remember our winning.

Thier so call kung fu pose.


Even the kid also can climb, damn geng.

Posing with the organizer. Talk to thy hand???

Overall rating : 8/10
It was fun and rewarding. Never thought that it come out to be a memorable event for 3 of us. Actually, I finish spending my rewards ahahah. Something that I'm not really proud with. Talk about financial planning. Well, I should have invest this money in something more important.

OMG Done posting something that is so long and months back ago. It was really something memorable. Not only to me but to the other 2 too.

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