Wednesday, March 26, 2008


She came, I didn't expect it. Well, nothing for me to expect at all now. :D. Dreams are shattered, life are shaken but my life still goes on. Nothing much to mention, but I do hope that she is having fun watching him playing.

I thought there's something that I can hold on to when I really really truely fall in love. I thought God is going to let me achieve a dream that maybe, I mean maybe it might come true.

Haha, well, life is something that is unpredictable but I think the only thing that is predictable is myself. Falling from top and climbing back to top. As they said, life is a roller coaster. It is fun but at the same time, it is dangerous.

Wish her happy all the time and, remember, happiness is a choice. hoho, oh ya, just wish that she don't try to avoid me :D.

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