Tuesday, March 04, 2008


HJ discussed with me about 3M where M stands for Master, Mission and Mate.
A process that is important to my christian living.

Master in this context means the one who is leading my life. Who is the one that will lead my decision and guide me when I'm being doubtful about His existance? Every decision that I made should be putting Him before everything. We always think that by accomplishing something by ourself, we actually did something. Well, if we think deep enough to realise that, life have no purpose when God is not in the picture. If human exist because they exist, there's no point creating a world in it.

Mission is the calling or the purpose of our life. We are created with a sole purpose of glorifying God's work. Having a purpose is a really important aspect of life. I'm going through this phase and has been struggling for this for quite awhile. It might take days, weeks, months, or even years. Doesn't matter much because as long as I have found it, it gonna bloom and grow with passion and meaning.

Mate, the hardest of all. This is the last phase in 3M. It is also the part where passing down the legacy comes in and everything that we learn will be applying it here. Love relationship is part of mate but there's also other relationship that we can become mate. It can be roommate, house mate, door mate, mate that help you to grow or even mates that will tell you the truth. All those people play an important role in this phase because this will also be the phase where we shine as light and having the fragrance of JC.

All this phase is interrelated. None of it can be excuse. You must clearly know who is our master, then only we will actually know our mission and mate. Although there's a lot of master outside there, but the only one that really created this world would be my master. If I found out that I'm wrong, I have no regret because I learn something through finding Him.

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