Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm doing this topic in my asssignment.
Would it be easier to treat this depression as a part of life rather than a disorder or abnormal behaviour?

I just realise that there is a lot of people around me having depressive thoughts that is quite similar to what I had before. Depression normally triggered by relationship that is broken, people at my age often face this problem. If this depressive thoughts can be handle properly, there will be a dramatical change in that person. This can be notice when you really know that person.

Well, I can see it when it was on me. A dramatical change that is so great, I wouldn't want to change at all.

Something that is similar to Depression would be GAD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This is something worst than Depression. Something that would be triggered anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. I just hope that my friends can go through all of this by their own spiritual strenght that is given by God.

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