Friday, March 21, 2008

Genting Casino

The day before, I went to Genting with my housemate. It was the 1st time that I went there with a sole purpose of gambling :D and it come out that I'm not good in controlling my emotion. Something that I should train. :D

Genting from what I know is a city of Gold. When I said it is a city of Gold, I really mean that it is made of Gold :P. Talking from the perspective of a gambler, yes it is a city of Gold. If you look from the artistic side of Genting, yes it is a city of gold. The place look like a Gold egg if you view from the bottom of the mountain. You can see that the city is shining like a Golden Egg. I just wish that the Gold really drop from the egg layed by Genting.

Another famous spot in Genting would be the Arena of Stars. A place where Star shines and leave. :D

I think no one will not come to Genting and not try this SPACE SHOT!!!!! FUN and EXCITING droppping with G force experience.

Sky Venture would be my next choice if I have some money to play it. Loook nice.

Well the best place of all, definitely is the CASINO!!!!

From my 1st experience gambling in a casino, I learn that, never ever think that you're very good in guessing the probability of that number you think that you can win. I also learn that opportunity comes with a trend. Not all the time there's an opportunity for you take carry away with. When it comes, take it and go with it. Do not go against it.

Another thing I learn is that, never rush to win. Be patient and wait. Set a limit to your boundary of winning and losing. Both comes with a limit. It helps us to calm down with our mentality of gaming and gambling. It guide us with a control mind. Being emotional during decision making will not make that decision to be the best.

Hehe, had fun and learn something through paying Lim Goh Tong some fees :P.

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