Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sai Kap

Today is a big day for Futsal lover in psychology course. Sai Kap is here!!!!

There will be a fight between tutorials, guys and girls. I'm actually the goal keeper for my class but things end totally unexpected. My finger was bengkak like the fattest worm you can found in the world!

Fate bring us apart. I can't be the worst and lousiest keeper for my team. It was a chance for me to show off my lamest trick of being a goal keeper. There is a few trick to be a goal keeper like me or so called, goal picker.

Golden Rules for a Goal "Picker".

Rule #1
Never ever try to catch the ball by your own hands or else you gonna end up with the same fat finger I had.

Rule #2
Avoid as much as possible when the striker try to shoot towards the goal.

Rule #3
Cover your face and your private part when the ball is near.

Rule #4
Always wear protective attire before you go into the field.

Rule #5
Shout at the striker whenever the ball is near you.

Rule #6
Don't look at the ball.

Rule #7
Brag as much as you can during the fights.

Rule #8
Screw anyone that score into your goal.

Rule #9
Always complain

Rule #10
Don't move a single inches when they try to have a penalty kick.

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